Because I’m interested in everything and I LOVE learning,
I’ve had to learn to say no to interesting things that come my way.
Sometimes I say “no” in order to focus on the “now” in my life.
No doesn’t mean never, it just means I can’t work on it now.
Feel free to contact me if this “Now” page aligns with one of your projects or smashing ideas.
This page will be updated every 13 weeks.

Updated on: 12/31/18


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What I’m Working on Now


I’m a certified Success Principles Trainer. I enjoy inspiring and motivating people to pursue organizational and personal growth. This year I’ll be opening up more speaking gigs. I’d love to help you and your organization. Feel free to reach out below.

Northern Arizona University

Becoming a Better Leader

I’m nearly finished with a Masters in educational leadership. Although the degree has application to schools, I’ve found it has helped me become a better leader in all areas. My fun includes burying my head in books and spending hours researching and writing. See you at the library!

Your Family Life

I’m excited to be working with Woodmen Life. Planning for the future and establishing financial security now is a wise choice. May favorite part of helping people in this area is hearing the personal stories from our members.

What I'm Reading

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Lost Empire (Fargo Adventure, #2)
Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition

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Drop me a line

Drop me a line if you think our projects and vision align. I love supporting like-minded people!