In The Success Principles, Jack Canfield says, “When you delegate the grunt work—the things you hate doing or those tasks that are so painful you end up putting them off—you get to concentrate on what you love to do.” I love FancyHands because it helps me focus on the things I love doing while avoiding the things I hate (phone calls, scheduling, small research, etc.). The service is the easiest and most affordable way to start practicing delegation. If you want to save time, work on what you do best, and free up mental energy, then check out FancyHands. Sign up using this link and get 50% your first month –

You can check out example requests on their site or you can keep reading to see how I tested out their service.

Easy Request

Me: Please schedule a reservation for two adults and one child at [restaurant name redacted] anytime between 4:30pm and 8:30pm on 6/2/17. I prefer earlier times. Also, get the name of the person you spoke to and a confirmation number or other type of confirmation. Thanks!

Response: Hello Stuart,
I spoke to Jill and you’re all set for 4:30PM on Friday 6/2/17. The confirmation number is 405824363958.
Your calendar has been updated as well.

Regards, Christine.

Tough Request

Me: Please call “Greedy-Organization-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named at (123) 456-7891” and request the following documents be sent to Stuart Noggle at [address redacted] by certified mail or signature delivery:

(1) A copy of patient rights
(2) A copy of billing policies
(3) A copy of the dispute process and policies (if not with billing policies)
(4) A copy of claim [numbers redacted] and all related documentation.
(5) A copy of the organization’s Code of Ethics
(6) The names and contact information of any licensure or professional membership organizations associated with Dr. [name redacted].

Reiterate that all requested items need to be sent in writing (for example, you cannot take the requested information over the phone.

If they request verification, identify yourself as [name redacted] and let them know that there is an authorization letter on file with Ms. [name redacted] for Account #[redacted].

If they ask questions, say, “please refer your questions to Mr. Noggle at [phone redacted]). Thank you!

Response: Hello Stuart,
I spoke with [Ms. name redacted] on the phone. She informed me to send her an email listing the documents to be mailed out so that she can gather the right information and send it out. An email was sent to [email redacted] for the documents to be mailed out to [you].

Regards, Janeen.

Bizarre Request

Me: Please find out the pricing for a U-channel sign post (at different lengths) and input the information on the spreadsheet (the sheet should be self-explanatory). I will only be ordering one size, but I want to know pricing for all available sizes. I prefer the 12 foot posts if they’re available.

(The spreadsheet was completed with four companies, but I removed some of the information.)

Response: Hello Stuart,
Please review the Google spreadsheet in link below with notes. Also, I estimate it will take 1 additional credit to call the following places during their business hours, [Organization redacted] and[Organization redacted] and [Organization redacted]. If you approve the additional 1 credit, please let me know so I can proceed.

Link: (

Take care, Keil.

(I approved the credit and it saved me a ton of time making phone calls).

Why I love FancyHands and you should too!

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Happy Delegating!