Because I’m interested in everything and I LOVE learning,
I’ve had to learn to say no to interesting things that come my way.
Sometimes I say “no” in order to focus on the “now” in my life.
No doesn’t mean never, it just means I can’t work on it now.
Feel free to contact me if this “Now” page aligns with one of your projects or smashing ideas.
This page will be updated every 13 weeks.

Updated on: 2/29/16


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What I’m Working on Now

High quality, convenient, and actionable
online learning for teachers is an online professional development library for teachers. It’s based on the idea that real teachers don’t have time to watch boring, hours-long PD’s. Each ExcelPD course is only one hour. Each lesson is 2-5 minutes so teachers can get in and get out.
It’s for individual teachers and schools who can’t afford continual live PD.

Preparing for Civic Service

Fall of 2015 I became a Flinn-Brown Fellow. The program gave me the skills, the network, and the inspiration to get involved in Civic Service. I’m on a two-year transition plan for a position that will allow me to serve people in Arizona.

Wandering Springs Ranch

We are really into permaculture and growing our own food. The milk goats, chickens, rabbits, and cattle keep us very busy, but we eat well!

Drop me a line

Drop me a line if you think our projects and vision align. I love supporting like-minded people!